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I have been involved, along with my wife Janice of over 40 years, in the Mechanical Industry basically my entire working life. As a 17 year old senior in high school, I applied to become an apprentice plumber working in the small rural farm country of Southwest Wisconsin for a Mom and Pop shop. The bug hit me to take my specialty skills and head north 37 years ago to the Last Frontier, where I was able to stay busy and work my way into the position I find myself today. Affiliating myself and our company with an organization such as the AMCA has been a benefit and a positive move for Pinnacle Mechanical Inc.  

I have been a member of AMCA since 2005. I have participated on the Service Committee, and been the Chairman on both the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee and the Negotiations Committee. I have had the pleasure to meet and associate with some outstanding Mechanical Contractors. These individuals have forged forward and taken the risks and responsibility to help build their business, while at the same time adding to the growth of this great state that my family and I call home. It is a privilege and honor to represent the members of AMCA. 
It is my intention, along with my fellow officers of the Board, to perpetuate the growth of our organization and to assist in moving the mechanical industry forward in the years to come. I foresee this happening by continuing our education programs for contractor members. Working with the local trade unions and the committees representing our trust agreements. While also continuing the relationship with our Associate Members who are a vital part of this organization. The goals of the AMCA are to assist the members in working together to improve upon the education of our tradesmen, maintain a ready disposal of an experienced work force, and to continue the advancement of the AMCA. 

The AMCA will strive to accomplish these goals within the communities we represent by the commitment we show with participation in regular membership and associate meetings. By our continuing support of events such as the Fur Rondy Ice Sculpture, Mechanical Administrator Seminars the ASHRAE/Vern Winters Golf Tournament and in our involvement and partnership with the Mechanical Contractors of Fairbanks Association on our Annual Convention. 

Through the association with the AMCA we represent a vast assortment of mechanical contractors, trade groups and industry representatives. We all work together to improve the wellbeing of those affiliated. 

I would like to thank and express my appreciation to our past president, Pete Rounds, and all those that came before him. It is my intention to carry on the same commitment that these past members have put forth to this organization and you have my word I will do my best.

Dan Kittoe